We are excited to bring you our brand new, life-changing, 12-week Soul Wellness Programme. If you've decided that now is YOUR time - time to make positive changes in your life, time to get a regular yoga or pilates practice happening, time to start nourishing your body with healthy wholefoods, time to start changing habits and mindsets that are frustrating you and holding you back from reaching your potential and being the person you want to be - then Summer Soul Wellness could be just right for you!

Included are a private session with Michelle each week (in person, or via Skype) plus unlimited classes at the studio; a weekly Skype check-in and visualisation/meditation session; a personal kitchen audit and supermarket education trip; plus loads of DAILY motivation, inspiration and encouragement - all tailored to YOU! $1995, for the entire twelve weeks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 027 4717156 for a chat to see if  Soul Wellness Transformation is for you.