I have never done yoga or pilates before - which class is best for me?

We offer a $25, one week (7 consecutive days) pass, valid for all of our Pilates Mat and yoga classes, so that you can try both and see which is right for you. All of our yoga classes are suitable for beginners, and for Pilates you can try Mat 1 or Open Mat.

We suggest that when you've tried both, you choose one or the other to focus on at first as you learn the basics. A little further down the track you may like to add the other discipline to your routine, as they are quite different and offer some different benefits.

What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

Most people who ask this question understand yoga to be simply a series of physical postures, when in fact yoga has 8 limbs, or aspects, of which the asana (postures) are only one. The others involve a series of personal ethical codes and practises (yama and niyama), breathing techniques (pranayama), and aspects of meditation with the goal of achieving unity, or oneness, with one's higher Self. We aim to offer an integrated approach to yoga, including all of these elements within our classes.
Pilates, on the other hand, is purely a mind/body discipline, with no spiritual element present.

If we compare just the PHYSICAL aspects of yoga with those of pilates, here are a few key points:


Invented in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

The focus is on core (deep stabilizing abdominal muscle) strength, and alignment, maintaining both core connection and correct alignment through movement.


Over 3000 years old.

The Ashtanga yoga system has 8 limbs, of which the physical postures (asana) are only one. The others are related to yogic philosophy, breathing and meditation. A regular asana practice disciplines the mind and prepares the body to sit comfortably in meditation.

No one area of the body is focused on more than another. While the core is used in many postures, it is not necessarily held strongly throughout the class, and is not one of the primary focal points of the practice.

What should I wear/bring to class?

Mats are available for beginners, however we do recommend investing in your own for hygiene reasons and home practice. We have mats available to purchase at the studio, although there are many other options out there if you'd like to shop around!

Wear clothing that is stretchy and that you are able to move freely in, but not so loose that it's going to get tangled around you when you move. Leggings, shorts, singlets, t-shirts are all fine. 2 or 3 thin layers, that you can remove as you warm up, are better than one heavy layer. Bare feet are best for both yoga and pilates, however in colder weather socks may be worn. ToeSox are available at the studio, which have sticky dots on the bottom so your feet will stick to the mat rather than slipping, which may be the case with regular socks.

For one-on-one Pilates, please always bring socks as you will need to wear them for hygiene reasons when using the reformer.

For SoulSwing classes, all jewellery must be removed as the swings can be damaged by anything sharp.

You may also like to bring a water bottle with you to sip on during your class.

I have some problems with my back/neck/shoulder/knee / (insert body part here), can I still do yoga or pilates?

Absolutely! Please get in touch to discuss things with us. Depending on the nature and severity of your pain/discomfort, we may suggest a private session to assess whether classes are suitable and safe for you, or whether further private sessions are the best and safest option for you. With the right exercises and supervision, many of our clients see huge improvements in back, neck and joint pain and muscular tension, as well as in conditions such as high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, and many more.

 I'm not flexible enough to do yoga or pilates!

Okay, so this one's not a question, but we hear it A LOT! Our response is this - there is no such thing as "not flexible enough". We all have to start somewhere - you do what you can, we guide you safely and gently, at your own level, and your flexibility WILL improve over time if you commit to a regular practise. Even clients who come only once a week, but do so regularly, see a noticeable improvement in their flexibility (and their strength, and their co-ordination) within a very short space of time.

Our classes are small, the teachers and clients are friendly and no-one is judging you on how flexible you are or are not.

In short  - being inflexible is one more reason to begin practising yoga or pilates, not a reason to avoid it!