“I just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience since you have opened your wonderful new studio Soul Space. After meeting Michelle at my (old) gym, I thoroughly enjoyed her Pilates class and was very keen to have the option to do more classes with her as my instructor. When Michelle opened up her studio it has given her the opportunity to pursue her passion, and this is evident when one comes to her classes. I enjoy the Pilates classes and I have tried the Soul Swing class. (Soul Swing is really cool...for those that have not tried it - give it a go!!).

Michelle loves what she does and teaching and instructing are her passion and she does it well. She has the wonderful ability to be able to relate to the different levels of ability in a class and thus you learn lots while in the class. She adapts her teaching style to each person's level without one feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. Michelle's happy, bubbly personality adds to the easy going mode of the studio. This is why I have not continued my gym membership, as I am able to get more one on one rewards through her classes than in my gym. The teacher is the key to how one connects and enjoys exercise and this is why Michelle is so good at what she does.  She lives it, breathes and loves it....something you either have or you don't, and she has it!!” - Ingrid


“For me Pilates is about achieving stability, strength and range of motion. Michelle is an excellent instructor who understands the body’s dynamics and can explain the required movements to you. She is excellent at catering for injuries and restrictions and the whole range of abilities within a class environment. I highly recommend her classes”. – Graeme, 36


“I went along to try Pilates - never thinking that I would be flexible enough to participate, but I have been coaxed into positions I never dreamed I could achieve and without any after-effects. I feel taller and straighter after the one hour session. I'm hooked!” – Di, 63


“I really enjoy the Pilates class; it is a great ‘time out’ away from work and the kids.  Michelle is an excellent instructor and thoroughly explains the how and why of each exercise, gives great personal attention and she encourages you to work at your own fitness level.  The classes are fun and relaxing although the next day I can definitely feel that I have had a good workout.  I started Pilates to help me with my running training and I have had excellent results, improving my posture and my performance especially running up and down hills.  I highly recommend the classes to anyone.” - Staci, 37


"It's cool to be able to chill out and focus on yourself for an hour. Michelle is really knowledgeable and adapts the routines/moves to incorporate any injuries or oddities, and the room always smells soooo nice! It really adds to the calming mood." - Keely


“Soul Space is a place to be encouraged and enjoy yourself, whilst toning and unwinding at the same time.  Michelle is a very positive, friendly and inspirational instructor. I appreciate the individual attention and assistance regardless of class size.  I feel so good (& relaxed) after each session and can't wait to return again. Thanks so much!” – Janet